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Fooball Beta Fooball Season 2020

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Beta release of our 5 on 5 pass-at-any-time football game! You can practice offense, defense and play scrimmages.

You are the quarterback on offense and will rotate to various positions when on defense.

Besides practice and scrimmages, you will be able to enter league play, see how you do compared to others, and enter tournaments. Give us some feedback on playing our games (both good and bad) and on how we can improve them.

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We expect this to be ready in late October.

Run FooballSetup802.exe to install the game.

You may encounter warnings from your anti-virus program as this is a new program and they don't have many records of installs. You may have to turn off your auto protection or firewall until it downloads and installs.

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It will provide a little income to help  run this website as we hope to keep these games free!


This software is provided in the hope you will find some enjoyment in playing our games.
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We retain all rights to the software. Do pass the word around so others can share in the fun!